This one word has more meaning to me than I could ever tell you. (And this one word will also be my first tattoo:)). I first heard this when reading the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Which, by the way… Ladies, I SERIOUSLY recommend this book. It will change the way you view your day to day life and God. Like I said, I heard this term first when reading One Thousand Gifts. I saw that it meant “Thanksgiving” and thought it was super cool, but honestly forgot about it. I read a few chapters of the book, got busy and as usual.. didn’t finish reading it. For some reason though lately this book has been on my heart. Eucharisteo has been on my heart. I picked it up again this past week and started rereading it from the beginning and am BLOWN away at the truth and revelation that God is showing me.

The book One Thousand Gifts is all about radical gratitude, even in the midst of brokenness and despair. It’s about finding joy in the little things. In the pain, in the mundane, in your day to day life. In this book, Ann Voskamp talks about how “As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible”.


So, why did Eucharisteo hit me so hard? The meaning doesn’t stop at giving thanks.


Eucharisteo: Thanksgiving. “He, (or she;)), gave thanks.”

Charis: Grace: Unmerited favor. Nothing you earn… everything God gives you. 

Chara: Joy: Pure gladness.


Joy, grace, and thanksgiving. Three things that Jesus is freely giving me and three things that are seriously defining my life right now. You see, this Eucharisteo is inside of you. You have the ability inside of you to be thankful. But it’s a choice we have to make. It’s a choice we are fully capable of making, but somehow, in the craziness of life, we forget. We forget that there are good things in this world. We forget that we have a good God on our side. We forget that even on our worst day, we’re more than blessed.


So let’s make the decision. Together. To be thankful. To embrace joy. To embrace grace. To embrace thanksgiving. To embrace Eucharisteo. Let’s make the decision together to walk in this no matter the circumstance.


Today, I am thankful for…

1. the ability to fly across the country and spend time with precious friends.

2. Starbucks. Also known as Starbs, for me.

3. Anything gold and sparkly, it’s how Jesus shows me He loves me :)

4. Sweet babies I get to love on.

5.  A church family who really is family.

6. Friends who love, hold, and encourage me.

7. Hershey Bars. What, what! :)

8. Parents who believe in me enough to send me to the other side of the country, to do and invest in what God has called me to do.

9. Headbands.

10. People who see the potential in me that I don’t even see in myself.


What are you thankful for?






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Isaac Stott - I wish I could truly express how much I needed to hear this! Thank you for being real enough to share your heart and in turn touch others! I am definitely going to start living my life with more Eucharisteo! Awesome post Elizabeth Ann!

Chrystine Potter - You are an amazing little lady. I love following you on Facebook and your blog. You are wiser than your years. You have touched many people and have many more years to touch many more.

Shannon - Well composed, moving post! Definitely checking out this book!!

Suzanne Garland - Seriously…..I love your blog posts <3 I must check this book out!

Amanda B. - I have only heard good things about that book.. I must get my hands on it and get to reading! Thanks!

Lynda - I happened upon your blog as I’m in the middle of reading “One Thousand Gifts” and I was looking for a more detailed explanation of Eucharisteo. I’m reminded of how much Ann’s thinking is similar to Ignatian Spirituality which encourages us to see God in all things – in the joyful events and in the sorrowful events, in all of creation God is there. Gratitude is also an important element in Ignatian Spirituality. God spoke to Saint Ignatius about these things hundreds of years ago and now Ann is reminding us of the same important ways to approach our God.

Jen - I, too, just stumbled upon this blogpost while looking up Eucharisteo..while reading One Thousand Gifts…a gift given to me at the beginning of my daughter’s cancer journey. I wasn’t ready for it then. I have emgraced this way of praising God and giving thanks and there in havinv joy even on the hard days.

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